Target Audience Breakthrough Program

Get clear on your money-making niche, client-attracting message, and client-getting plan - in just 1 week or less!

You know you have gifts, but you don't know how to reach the people who need them most.

You know that you have a lot of value to offer. You have skills, processes, and tools that can help people. You may have even taken formal training to become a coach or a consultant in your area of expertise. You're passionate about what you do. And your friends, family, and colleagues have told you that you're good at it.

But you're not sure how best to boil all of this down into a clear business that's marketable and attractive and reaches the right people. You're not sure exactly who might need you, or where to find them.

You've tried to learn about online marketing and business, and you've had various ideas for offerings, but you haven't really taken action on them because you don't want to spend loads of time creating things only to find that no one is interested.

You're tired and confused. You just want to find your "thing" - and figure out how to monetize your skills in an authentic way.

You struggle to communicate exactly what it is that you do.

When you tell people what you do, they don't always "get it." Your work makes sense to you, but others don't always understand what it is or how it applies to them. You're not sure what to call it or how to package it in a way that's concrete, and makes sense.

You have a feeling that your message isn't fully resonating with your audience or the people you're speaking to. But you don't know how to fix it.​

You've tried selling some offers, but haven't gotten much response.

You spent a lot of time crafting an offering that people said they'd be interested in, but sales were sparse and you're wondering what happened. You posted a free offer on Facebook, but almost no one took you up on it. You've been blogging for weeks (if not months), but no one's really commenting or engaging with your content.

Or maybe you haven't even tried to sell your stuff because you don't know where to go to do that.

You've heard - over and over again - that you need to define your target market or ideal client... but you sense that's a catch-22 when you haven't had many clients yet.

You want to learn how to do better research on your target market. You're not sure how to determine where your people are hanging out online, or how to actually reach them.

You sense that directly asking people about their pain points is probably not the best way to get the info you need, but you're not sure how else to go about it. After all, it seems even more pointless to fill in an "ideal client persona" exercise with a made-up monologue about what keeps an imaginary person up at night.

But you're having trouble even finding people who are willing to talk with you about their struggles.

You have a lot of different ideas for characteristics that could describe your ideal client, but you don't know which one(s) to choose when you don't have concrete facts.

You know you're trying to do too many things and target too many different kinds of people, but you don't know how to narrow your focus.

You constantly shift who you think your ideal customer is and how you might be able to help him/her. You think there are lots of people who could use what you offer, but you don't know how to narrow down to the "ideal" ones. You feel like all the mental ping-pong is making you crazy, because you're overflowing with ideas for your branding, your website, and your offers.

You know you need to pick a starting point and focus, but you just don't know how. So you keep trying to market yourself to absolutely everyone.

Did any of that sound familiar?

If so, I want you to imagine something for a minute.

What if there were a way to know exactly who would be likely to buy from you?

What if you knew the exact problems that your skills could solve for people? 

And what if you knew the exact words and phrases that would attract and compel the right people to pay attention to your offers?

What if you knew where to go online to FIND the right people... and start helping them right away?

How reassuring would it be to know that you can actually get results for people?

How much of a relief would it be to have the perfect words and phrases at the ready whenever someone wants to learn about what you do? Or whenever you're trying to write a blog post, an email, or a sales page?

I'll let you in on a little secret:

This is totally achievable. And it's not that difficult, either.

I was once in your position. I knew I had value to offer people, but I didn't know who needed it, or how I could "connect the dots" from my skills to the struggles they were experiencing.

So, more out of depression than anything else, I started browsing forums, blogs, and social media. I wanted to draw inspiration from those who were finding success with their business ventures.

But, as it turned out, God had something else in mind for me.

I actually found that many people were posting about problems I could solve.

So I started helping them.

I saved their comments. I analyzed them. I looked for commonalities.

I started offering to personally help them - and getting on calls with them.

And I realized that finding "my people" - and knowing how to talk to them in a compelling way - didn't have to be a guessing game. They were real. I could observe what they were already saying, and then talk to them, and learn all I needed to know.

Now, for over three years, I've been helping aspiring coaches and consultants to follow a similar thought process - so they, too, can define and attract their perfect clients.

I now have a variety of "messaging tools" that I pull out whenever someone needs help coming up with the right words and concepts to attract clients.

We always start with you, your experiences, and anybody you've helped or coached in the past. Sometimes, that's all we need to formulate your message.

Other times, we go beyond that and sift through the huge amount of material available to us on social media, Amazon, forums, and everywhere else online that people are talking about your topics.

But there's never any guesswork - I just help you pull together, synthesize, and simplify what you already know and what your market is already telling us in their own words.

This year, I wanted to offer you a way to narrow down and clarify your message and niche QUICKLY - so that all of the rest of your marketing plans can become clear and simple.

That's why I created...

the Target Audience Breakthrough Program.

In this powerful two-session program, we quickly assess what you already know and desire for your business: your methods and tools, your favorite past clients, and the type of help you most want to offer to people.

Then I turn to whatever "message tools" are most relevant to your situation, so we can easily narrow down who you help, and with what, and how you can best convey your message to them.

We also outline preliminary ideas for how you might get in front of that audience, and what free and paid offers you might create.

You end our time together with a clear plan for attracting the people who most need your help.

Doesn't that sound great?!

Check out what some of my past clients had to say about working with me:

Before working with Eleanore, I was struggling to create a succinct message that would resonate with my clients. Even though I work with my clients on their own marketing and messages, my vision was clouded when it came to my own! Eleanore patiently guided me through and helped me nail it down in such an easy-to-understand way that I immediately "got it"!

I would recommend Eleanore's services to businesses and entrepreneurs who are stuck on how to describe themselves and share themselves with their own audiences. Especially those who have an audience but don't quite know how to share what they do and who know their lack of messaging is a missing link in their marketing efforts.

Caroline Elisabeth, business coach + consultant

After working with Eleanore, I was able to get insanely clear on who my ideal clients are and how I help them. I learned how to craft a message using their words and not jargon or vague descriptions. I gained an elevator pitch and content for my website pages.

I also loved the fact that she prepared a detailed workable plan for where to market my services and get in front of the right people.

I would recommend Eleanore's services to anyone who has a service-based business and wants to consistently attract paying clients. After working with her, they would know in detail what to say, how to say it, and to whom.

Debra Benson, business coach

I highly recommend Eleanore's Target Audience Breakthrough. Here is why: I have spent hours and hours attempting to piece this together myself through experience and research and wasn't able to get to the core the way we did in that session. I paid for a session then took it out into the world and within two weeks - I attracted an I.D.E.A.L. client that paid me and... for my session with Eleanore.

Tonya Harvey, sales coach and persuasion expert

Thank you, Eleanore, for making something I've been wrestling with for toooooo long super easy to engage with and to come up with an answer.

After working with Eleanore, I now have a framework for how I can provide my 'tell', e.g. what I do, for my ideal client(s) in an easily understood and straightforward way. I would recommend her to other people who provide a service and who are struggling to get clear on how to 'sell' their niche.

Sarah Stewart, career coach

Do you know that feeling of trying to unpick a fine but heavily tangled necklace so that you can wear it again?

You work away on it for ages and get so frustrated so you just wear something else. Then one day, you finally concede and hand it over to someone else and voilà - it's detangled right in front of your very eyes. You sit there baffled at how quickly they managed it and wonder why you ever struggled so much to do it yourself.

This is what just happened with me on my session with Eleanore this morning. Of course, the necklace is my business and I had gotten so buried in the details that I felt almost crippled when it came to understanding what I did, for whom, and how.

This is the beauty of having a skilled coach in your corner, I guess. I can't believe I waited so long. Now I have clarity and a documented roadmap to keep coming back to if I ever lose my way again.

Eleanore - thank you so much for today. I feel disappointed in myself for sinking money into less important business aspects without nailing this first. But I'm here now and it feels wonderful.

Gabrielle Olga, plant based nutritional coach

My 1:1 session with Eleanore was FANTASTIC! Here's what I got out of it: 1) a much stronger (and cohesive) sense of the problem that my clients have; 2) a great outline to share with my copywriter of who I serve and what they need; 3) key words and phrases to keep my eye out for, and 4) a whole bunch of group conversations that I can review to not only jump in on and add value to, but also to help me see different ways people are expressing their problems.

I haven't even gone through the follow up email that she sent me today with even more information. Huge value!

Further, it was nice to have someone see it from a different perspective and share what they see for us. I am confident in what I offer, but I left that call feeling like there is even more value that I offer that I couldn't see. It's like that Les Brown quote, "You can't see the picture when you're inside the frame." There were things she saw in me that I take for granted. There were conversations that related to how I can help people that I wouldn't have even recognized because I'm so close to it I can get tunnel vision.

We all need help on occasion and I wish I had known Eleanore years ago! If you're on the fence about working with her, go for it! You won't be sorry.

Lisa Rehurek, business strategist

I had the great pleasure of working with Eleanore and can't say enough about how great the experience was. I'd been stumbling around trying to get more clarity on my offerings. I had lots of ideas (too many ideas) and really needed to narrow my focus. Fortunately, that happens to be her particular genius. I walked away from our work together with an amazing 10 page report she prepared for me with concrete suggestions for services and products I can offer, tips for ways I can do my own ideal client research, and excellent resources I wasn't aware of. I'd hoped to get clarity on my customers in working with her and I got that, but I also got so much more! This was hands-down the best money I've spent on my business to date!

Suzanne Gray, consultant

Here's how the sessions will work.

After you sign up, I'll send you some pre-session homework to complete so that we can get the most out of our time together. I'll use your responses to prepare for our sessions.

We'll meet for two 60-minute sessions (spaced about a week apart) on Zoom, an awesome screen-share program that lets us look at documents together and work on them in real time. The calls will be recorded for your future reference. I'll go over the answers to your pre-session homework, and ask for clarification where needed.

Then we'll get to work on your message and the details of your ideal client - looking at and revising drafts together on the screen as we discuss.

We can also cover anything else you want to that relates to your client-getting plan - including offerings/packages, content creation, and plans for where you could go to get in front of your ideal audience. My brain is yours for the two sessions!

Within three business days after our second session, I'll send you a nice, pretty executive summary of key takeaways and next steps - including any ideas I've thought of in the meantime.

I'll also be available to you via email for the next week if you have any questions about your next steps.

To review: What exactly will you get if you sign up?

Glad you asked. :) Here's the official breakdown:




Your Investment: $1000 USD


Book a free consult call with me. We'll chat and see if this offer is a fit for you.

Now is the time!

We're all thinking about our plans and goals for the coming months. If you're not sure how you plan to get clients consistently, then you most likely lack clarity about your ideal client - who they are and where to find them.

Let me solve that for you in two sessions so that you can get on with your plans for the year. :)

I know you have gifts and talents. I know what it's like to feel stuck and confused about how to reach the people who need you most. I can't wait to help you solve that puzzle!

I hope to have the honor and privilege of working with you.


Just email and ask away.

Looking forward!


Book a free consult call to see if this offer is a fit for you

I'm currently booking for dates in November and December 2017. Can't wait to help you out! :)

Eleanore Strong
Owner, The Strong Consulting Group

About Eleanore Strong

Eleanore Strong is a client attraction strategist who fell into it almost by accident. With nearly a decade of experience creating data management systems for nonprofits, small businesses, and research institutions, she decided to see if she could also systematize the process of starting an online business from scratch. (Turns out: yes!)

She got her first clients more than three years ago by being friendly and helpful to people she met in online forums. She now helps other aspiring coaches and consultants to replicate that success.