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I offer a variety of ways to help you on your client-getting journey. Check out all the options below and choose the one(s) that are right for you!

Be sure to email me at eleanore[at]eleanorestrong[dot]com if you have questions about any of these services. 🙂


Free Client Attraction Strategy Session

These sessions are for coaches and consultants who are new or just getting established, and are struggling to figure out how to consistently attract clients (but know they should be able to do so!).

Here’s how the sessions work:

  • I’ll ask you a few questions about where you are with your business, what your goals are, where you feel you’re getting stuck, and what you feel you need to get in place to achieve those goals.
  • If you’re unsure about any aspects of your plan or your goals, or what it’s going to take to achieve them, I’ll help you to clarify.
  • At the end you can ask me any questions that you like.
  • If what you need to achieve your goals is something that I offer as a service, and you want to talk about that, we can. That part is up to you, though – I don’t want to offer you something that you don’t need or want, so my purpose on the call is mainly to enjoy getting to know you and to help you clarify your path.
  • If you do already know that you’re interested in one of the services I offer, you’re welcome to ask questions about them on the call.

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Target Audience Breakthrough Session

Get clear on your money-making niche, client-attracting message, and client-getting plan – in just 90 minutes.

You know you have gifts, but you don’t know how to reach the people who need them most.

You struggle to communicate exactly what it is that you do.

You’ve tried selling some offers, but haven’t gotten much response.

You’ve heard – over and over again – that you need to define your target market or ideal client… but you sense that’s a catch-22 when you haven’t had many clients yet.

You know you’re trying to do too many things and target too many different kinds of people, but you don’t know how to narrow your focus.

In this session, we solve all of that – QUICKLY.

We take a dive into my toolbox of strategies for identifying a core problem to solve in your business and determining how you’ll describe it in a compelling way. We use various research methods to quickly identify the right words and phrases for you to construct that core business message that will compel the right client prospects to reach out to you.

We also begin to build out a content strategy for you to use in your emails to help educate and empower your subscribers and help to move them closer to becoming clients.

And we also come up with a beginning list of places where you could get in front of your ideal audience.

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3-Month Client Attraction Mentorship

I offer 1-on-1 mentoring and support for coaches who need client attraction systems that bring ideal clients to them on a regular basis.

Outcomes you can expect from working with me include:

  • Key marketing messages that connect with your ideal prospects and get them to notice you and your work
  • A plan for how you’ll package your expertise into products and programs that will appeal to your ideal prospects
  • A compelling free resource/offer that will increase your ideal prospects’ interest in you and get them signing up for your email list to hear from you on a regular basis
  • A marketing plan for getting your offers in front of the right people
  • A communication plan for using email to build a relationship with your ideal prospects over time and sell your offers to them
  • Sales strategies for selling your offers via the written word and via a 1-to-1 conversation
  • Tech support for all the “essentials” of building your audience and selling your offers (websites, sales pages, sign-up pages, email systems, etc.)

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Website Setup Service

Let me build you a simple, professional-looking starter website using the same tools and process that I used to build my own. I’ll also set up your opt-in pages for your email list. Then I’ll record an interactive training session for you so that you know how I set things up and how to update your site if you need to.

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Email List Building from Scratch: A New E-Book

I’m so excited to introduce a brand-new e-book that will help you – yes, you – to finally crack that threshold of getting your first 1,000 subscribers to your email list. You can implement these strategies even if you haven’t started a list at all yet!

It’s a myth that list building “just happens” if you run enough ads or write enough guest blog posts.

Friendly, normal conversations in Facebook groups can actually lead you to create the right opt-in offer and get sign-ups to your email list – starting from zero! I’ll show you how.

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