The Single Most Powerful Action You Can Take To Attract Clients

If you’ve been struggling to attract clients – or are unclear about how to even start going about it – I want to present a very simple idea to you today.

Maybe you’ve even heard it before – in which case, consider it a reminder. 🙂

Here it is:

Vague ideas are really hard to market.

They’re also hard to charge a premium price for.

So if your business message is currently something like…

    • I help women get empowered
    • I help young people reach their goals
    • I help biz owners take their biz to the next level
    • I help people be happier

…you may want to consider making it more specific.

Truly, narrowing your message is the most powerful action you can take to attract clients – and to get them paying at a high level.

Don’t think that getting specific will limit you. It will not.

A vague message attracts no one at all (or almost no one – you may get a miracle here or there).

A specific message consistently attracts a specific type of person (and others who are similar to them, too).

Which would you rather have?

Thought so. 🙂


But even if you see that you should narrow your message, it’s probably hard to figure out HOW to narrow down.

Am I right?

There are so many things you can help people with – it’s really tempting to just want to summarize them all in a broad statement.

Most coaches and consultants find it incredibly hard to narrow down their business message to a level that actually gets the right people’s attention.

And that’s where I come in.

My zone of genius is helping people to come up with that powerful, specific, client-attracting message.

You already have an innate knowledge of who you can best help, and with what.

You just need a little help to bring that knowledge out of you and make it explicit.

That’s exactly the kind of help I provide in my Target Audience Breakthrough Session.

I started offering that session so that people could stop struggling for months or years trying to market a vague idea and wondering why it’s not working/happening faster.

In that session we narrow down your idea in 90 minutes.

Much more appealing than years of struggle, don’t you think? 🙂

You can learn more and sign up for that one-time session here.

Oh, and if you know you’re ready to go all-in and not only create an attention-grabbing message, but also a super-compelling sales page, FB posts, email broadcasts and more – you might be a great fit for my Copywriting Intensive. You can learn more about that here.

I can’t wait to help you out.

With love and appreciation,

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