The Yearning to Have Your Biz Finally “Take Off” (How to Make It Happen)

You know you’re excellent at what you do – and that you can get results for people.

You’ve made some pretty amazing changes in your own life, and you now want SO MUCH to help others to overcome the same things.

Leading people to change lights a FIRE inside of you. You feel SO alive when you do it – you’d give anything to be able to have that feeling each and every day.

You absolutely know that you have dedicated your life to coaching or consulting. The commitment is there.

You can’t imagine going back to a 9-to-5 job (or continuing in one for much longer).

But, when it comes to creating a real business, you’re new to this. You haven’t quite figured out what it takes to consistently get clients.

You’ve read about TONS of tools and tactics and strategies for marketing yourself, but all the “learning” is getting tiresome. You’re not sure which strategies are right for you.

You just wish that someone would tell you EXACTLY what to do, step-by-step, to market yourself and get clients coming in.

You’ve got the “stuff” (awesome value to offer) – you just need the “people” (an audience – and clients!).

And you’re sort of dragging your feet because you know you need to choose a focus (one type of client to target, and one type of issue to work on with them) – but you can’t seem to make that decision.

You’re smart and capable. You know you can make this happen if you just have a system and process to follow.

You’re afraid, but you know (just like all people who’ve achieved great things) that the fear won’t go away, and that you have to act in spite of it.

You’re really yearning to have that secure feeling of knowing that your business can actually “take off” – and you’re tired of doubting that it will.

Making this happen is your top priority. You’ve reached the point where things just HAVE to work.

You know that only God knows the future (probably because we couldn’t handle knowing all that lies ahead), and that all you can do is to take the next sensible step.

And you see the value in getting some help.

Am I speaking your language?

If so, I have TWO THINGS for you:

FIRST – check out a couple of resources that I have for showing you what it really takes to attract clients in a step-by-step fashion. Check out this free checklist and this blog post.

SECOND – you and I should meet one-on-one for a FREE Client Attraction Strategy Session.

Here’s how the sessions work:

  • I’ll ask you a few questions about where you are with your business, what your goals are, where you feel you’re getting stuck, and what you feel you need to get in place to achieve those goals.
  • If you’re unsure about any aspects of your plan or your goals, or what it’s going to take to achieve them, I’ll help you to clarify.
  • At the end you can ask me any questions that you like.
  • If what you need to achieve your goals is something that I offer as a service, and you want to talk about that, we can. That part is up to you, though – I don’t want to offer you something that you don’t need or want, so my purpose on the call is mainly to enjoy getting to know you and to help you clarify your path.
  • If you do already know that you’re interested in one of the services I offer, you’re welcome to ask questions about them on the call.

Once again: click here to request my FREE Client Attraction Strategy Session.

I enjoy these sessions so much – I can’t wait to talk with you!

With love and appreciation,

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