How to Get Clients to Seek YOU Out… Instead of Pitching and Cold-Calling

When I ask struggling coaches and consultants what they’re doing to get clients, they usually list things like this:

  • Cold-calling.
  • Messaging people on social media.
  • Posting all over FB about their services and their website.
  • Visiting local businesses to make sales presentations.

All of these methods are variants of the same basic idea: You’re reaching out to somebody cold, describing what your business/services are about, and asking if they’d be interested in hiring you.

This is basically what I call the client-chasing model.

And it’s really freakin’ HARD.

Not to mention SLOW.

It’s SO hard, and SO slow, that most people give up after a time. They just don’t see how they’re ever going to build a consistent flow of business.

In a moment I’m going to share a new model with you – one that’s much easier and faster. But first let’s talk about what’s wrong with this one.

3 Reasons Why the Client-Chasing Model is So Hard and So Slow

1. You have no idea if the people you’re pitching to actually have the problem you solve. They might not actually need you or your services at all. But you have no way of knowing that when you’re chasing after them to make your pitch.

(A bigger issue is that you might not actually KNOW what problem you solve. Most coaches and consultants struggle to articulate what it is they solve for people. And if you need help with that, we should talk. But more on that in a minute. :))

2. Even if the people you’re pitching to DO have the problem you solve, you don’t know if they’re ready to do something about it. The way buying decisions tend to work is that somebody’s problem reaches an emotional level where they can’t take it anymore. That’s when they throw up their hands and admit that it’s time to get help solving it. And THEN they go looking for someone to hire.

When you’re just pitching people willy-nilly, you’re unlikely to catch them at that “perfect moment” when they’re ready to do something about their problem. The odds are just against you.

3. Even if the people you’re pitching to DO have the problem you solve, AND are ready to do something about it – they don’t know or trust YOU yet. Typically before investing big bucks in a coach or consultant, people need time to get to know you as a person, to believe that you know what you’re talking about, and to assess whether your methods and philosophies are a match for them.

It’s really difficult for a potential client to assess all that in a first meeting with you. There are really no shortcuts to building a relationship.


So that’s the client-chasing model. And that’s why I don’t like it, and would never recommend it.

What should you be doing instead?

I call it the client attraction model. 🙂

Here’s what happens when you create a client attraction system:

  • Clients are coming to YOU because your message perfectly describes their problem (and you therefore know that they do have the problem).
  • You’ve gotten so specific about what you solve for people (and who those people are) that you know exactly where to go to put your message out.
  • You offer people the chance to sign up to hear from you on a regular basis.
  • You consistently communicate with them over time, giving them valuable information about how to solve their problem, so you can stay top of mind until they’re ready to do something about it. And, in the process of hearing from you regularly, they get to know you and your methods and philosophies.

Do you see how this model fixes every problem that the client-chasing model has?

A lot of people have no idea that this model even exists. They might have heard about email lists and lead magnets and those sorts of things, but it’s not always explained that those are just TOOLS that are meant to support an existing client attraction system.

So, if you’ve never heard client attraction explained this way before, I hope that I just gave you a huge gift. 🙂

But, even if you do understand why you should use a client attraction model rather than a client-chasing one, there is still a big problem:

Most people aren’t clear about what they’re solving in their business – or for whom.

For most people, that is still very murky and broad, because they can solve so MANY things for their clients.

So they don’t have that specific, targeted message that’s primed to get the attention of a certain type of client.

And a successful client attraction system depends on having that perfect message defined.

So if your message is weak, you’re stuck. You’ll always get half-baked results from either model (attracting clients or chasing clients).

This is where I can help you.

My zone of genius is helping people to come up with that powerful, specific, client-attracting message.

You already have an innate knowledge of who you can best help, and with what.

You just need a little help to bring that knowledge out of you and make it explicit.

That’s exactly the kind of help I provide in my Target Audience Breakthrough Session.

I started offering that session so that people could stop struggling for months or years trying to market a vague idea and wondering why it’s not working/happening faster.

In that session we narrow down your idea in 90 minutes.

Much more appealing than years of struggle, don’t you think? 🙂

You can learn more and sign up for that one-time session here.

And if you know you’re ready to go all-in and not only create an attention-grabbing message, but also a super-compelling sales page, FB posts and more – you might be a great fit for my Copywriting Intensive. You can learn more about that here.

I can’t wait to help you out.

With love and appreciation,

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