Email List Building from Scratch: A Step-By-Step Guide to Finding Your First 1,000 Subscribers in Facebook Groups

A new e-book by Eleanore Strong

Find Your First “Critical Mass” of Email Subscribers in Facebook Groups

I’m so excited to introduce a brand-new e-book that will help you – yes, you – to finally crack that threshold of getting your first 1,000 subscribers to your email list. You can implement these strategies even if you haven’t started a list at all yet!

I refer to that 1,000 number as a “critical mass” because everything becomes a lot easier once you reach it. Your content and information are reaching enough people that you’re starting to get feedback and organic sharing. Plus, you actually become more confident that you have a good and worthy “thing” going when that many people are signed up to hear from you.

It’s a Myth That List Building “Just Happens” If You Run Enough Ads or Write Enough Guest Blog Posts

When I first started building my email list through my activity in Facebook groups, a lot of self-styled “marketing experts” told me that it wasn’t a good idea and that I wouldn’t succeed at it.

They said that Facebook groups were mainly for “conversation,” and that there was no way I’d be able to get sign-ups to my email list (or at least not very many) without breaking the “no promotions” rules that so many groups have.

They also said that my way would take “too long” and that I should just do paid ads or write guest blog posts to reach “a lot more people” faster.

Well, I’m here to tell you that those methods did not work for me. I spent what precious little money I did have on a few paid ads, and got almost no result. I spent an incredible amount of time pitching and writing 10-20 guest articles over the course of a year, and got no more than a handful of subscribers from each one.

Can you relate to this?

Aren’t you tired of hearing all the “gurus” making this sound so easy? Yet when you try to implement their suggestions, your list grows at a snail’s pace, and maybe not even with the right types of people?

Aren’t you ready for a strategy that WORKS?

More than anything, that’s what I wanted, too.

Read on, because when you follow the system that I teach in this e-book, you’re finally going to get REAL results.

I Got Stuck When I Tried the So-Called “Proven Strategies”

After a while, it dawned on me that the paid ads and guest appearances weren’t serving me because I really didn’t know exactly what type of customer I was targeting, or what they really needed.

My messaging, my opt-in offers, my ads, and my blog posts were falling flat because I didn’t know who I was really trying to attract!

I was shooting in the dark, trying to reach a person that I wasn’t even sure existed.

It was all theoretical. What I yearned for was some concrete way to meet real people, interact with them, and thereby discover who I really wanted on my email list.

As it turned out, the system I was looking for was right under my nose. I just didn’t realize it at first.

And when I started to fully utilize it, the results were incredible.

The New Model: Researching and Promoting At the Same Time

When I was first trying to build my email list and not having much success, I spent a lot of time in Facebook groups with others who were also trying to build their lists and create online businesses.

I started out just wanting for us to support each other as group members and share ideas. That did happen in most of the groups I was a part of, and it was wonderful.

But I also got three amazing, unexpected bonuses:

1) I met my ideal customers,

2) I learned what I could offer them, and

3) I learned HOW to offer it to them.

What I learned was that conversation – a simple, casual exchange of ideas between two people – can actually double as both research and promotion of an opt-in offer.

That realization changed my life. And as this simple idea worked better and better for me – leading eventually to my first 1,000 email subscribers – I decided to make it into a repeatable system that I would teach to others.

That system is what I’m going to share with you in this new e-book!

Learn How Friendly, Normal Conversations Can Lead You to Create the Right Opt-In Offer And Get Sign-Ups to Your Email List

If you download this e-book today, you’re going to learn the following things:

  • The stuff you need to “re-program” in your own mind in order to start seeing all of the list-building opportunities that are available to you
  • Exactly how to sift through the gold-mine of information in Facebook group conversations and identify the bits that will be useful to you
  • How to organize the information you find in a way that makes the right idea for an opt-in offer just “pop” out at you!
  • Case studies of my own research and how they led to my first successful opt-in offers
  • Which tech tools you need to create and produce your opt-in offers, and my “quick start” tips for using them
  • Exactly how to set up your first website, opt-in page, and email marketing system using my recommended tools
  • How to set up your Facebook profile and business page to make it super-easy for people to find your free offers and sign up to your email list
  • Scripts you can use to share your opt-in offer in Facebook groups – without breaking no-promotion rules or being a nuisance
  • Case studies of my “greatest hits” – non-promotional posts that I made in Facebook groups that generated a ton of sign-ups and attention for what I offer
  • The additional offers you should create and “stack” after your first opt-in offer to build on your initial success and get even more signups, leading eventually to the magic 1,000
  • The additional offers I created and how each one contributed to my first 1,000 subscribers
  • …and much more!

Once you learn all of this stuff, your mind will open up and expand in ways you can’t believe. You’ll start seeing business opportunities everywhere. You’ll suddenly be overflowing with ideas for offers you could create to build your email list.

And your life will never be the same.

The Value of This E-Book

I’ve spent over three years learning, testing, re-testing, and refining these strategies. During that time, I also spent tens of thousands of dollars trying to learn other strategies that that didn’t ultimately work for me.

The ideas in this e-book were what finally did work for me. They were directly responsible for me getting my first “critical mass” of 1,000 email subscribers. Enough of those initial 1,000 became paying clients that I was able to quit my day job, and to eventually make enough money to be able to invest in paid advertising (which was actually effective this time because I knew the right words to use!) and to eventually triple my email list and begin to “scale” my efforts in a major way.

Are these strategies valuable? You bet. In fact, they’re so valuable that I consider them priceless.

My private clients pay me thousands of dollars to walk them through the same strategies that you’re going to get in this e-book.

But if you buy today, you’re going to get it all for just…$35.

For $35 you can learn all of the secrets that changed my life.

Wow! That’s practically nothing! 🙂

My Strong Guarantee

So go ahead! Click “Download Now” at the bottom of this page. Enter your payment information. Download the e-book. Go through it. Study it. Try the ideas.

And if you find that this is not the best e-book that you’ve ever read on this topic, just email me within 30 days to let me know, and I’ll happily refund your entire investment.

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This e-book can transform your life. It’s all about you FINALLY discovering the people who need you, creating the right offer to attract them, and getting them signed up to your list.

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