Still Looking For the “Easy Button” For Getting Clients? Read This.

My Facebook news feed is filled with ads from people claiming that they have the “easy as 1-2-3” solution for getting great clients into your business.

You’ve probably seen the same thing.

And it’s easy to wonder what you’re missing – especially when you try to implement what they teach, and then it DOESN’T work out as easily or neatly as they said it would.

You start to wonder if you did it wrong – or if you just need to try something completely different.

Well, I’m here to say this:

There is no “easy button” for consistently getting great clients.

So we should all STOP looking for one – and the sooner the better.

There is only the following recipe:

  • choosing one big, burning, marketable problem to solve for people
  • learning to talk about that problem in tons of different compelling ways
  • learning where people already go to solve the problem, and what to do/say in those places to get them interested in you
  • learning how to convert people from being interested to being buyers
  • staying mentally tough enough to stick it out when it feels like all of the above isn’t working
  • admitting that you can’t see your own blind spots with all of the above, and you need help

Pretty much all of the tactics and systems that are taught out there come down to this recipe – they’re just different applications of it, in different settings.

You don’t need a new recipe for success. I just told you what it is.

So, what DO you need?

You need to understand that recipe at a VERY deep level.

You need to master all of the skills that it contains.

You need to look at all of the things that you think you already know, and ask yourself how you can learn and apply them even BETTER and MORE effectively.

And that’s tough. It takes time, practice, focus, and learning from your mistakes.

It’s the work that most people won’t do.

So, if you commit to doing it – and never giving up – you’re all but assured to be one of the people who succeeds.

And it’s so, SO much easier with help.

My life’s work consists of helping people to master these skills.

So, if you see the value in getting some help, click here to request my free Client Attraction Strategy Session.

It’s a diagnostic call where we assess where you’ve been, where you want to go, and what you may be missing in your client-getting approach.

It’ll reveal the beginnings of your plan for finally making all of this “work” the way you always dreamed it could.

I can’t wait to talk to you.

Warmest regards,

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