Copywriting Intensives: Expert Help to Write a Super-Compelling One-Liner, Sales Page, Opt-In & More

Lately I’ve talked to so many entrepreneurs who are totally fed up with trying to master their message.

Are you one of them?

Let’s see if this sounds familiar:

You’re so tired of buying course after course that doesn’t help you because you still aren’t clear on what you actually DO for people and what you’re SAYING to your ideal clients.

You’re unsure of how to express what you do in a simple one-liner.

Unsure of how to write up your service offerings in a way that makes sense – and that will look interesting and attractive to your ideal clients.

Unsure of what opt-in freebies to create to get the RIGHT people into your community.

Unsure of what kinds of posts to write on social media.

And all of this uncertainty keeps you from “showing up” the way you know you need to – because you don’t know what the heck to SAY.

Or maybe you’re TRYING to “show up,” but it’s friggin’ exhausting because you’re spending so much time writing, posting, and going live – and you’re not getting much response.

Sound about right?

If so, read on. I can help you. 🙂

My gift – and my obsession – is helping people to market themselves using words that their ideal clients will actually understand, and will find compelling and interesting.

This means that once you’ve had my eyes on your copy, the FOG will suddenly LIFT.

You’ll stop spinning your wheels, and you’ll understand the work you do in a whole new way.

You’ll actually be able to CLAIM and ARTICULATE the value that you bring to your clients.

You’ll feel CONFIDENT that your messaging is correct for the majority of people you want to work with.

You’ll start to attract prospects who are a better match for you – which means you AND they will benefit in so many ways.

You’ll have your “spark” back because you’ll actually know what to say, and how to say it, to get results.

Doesn’t that sound great?!

Look at what happened for one of my recent clients after working with me on JUST her elevator pitch:

“I had spent hours and hours attempting to piece together my message on my own through experience and research, and I wasn’t able to get to the core the way we did when I worked with Eleanore. I paid for a session, then took my new message out into the world and within two weeks – I attracted an I.D.E.A.L. client that paid me and… for my session with Eleanore.” –Tonya Harvey, sales coach

I want that awesome result for you too!

See, here’s the big secret when it comes to finding the right words:

Almost every expert struggles mightily with it.

And that’s because you’re “ahead” of the people who need you most.

You know things that they don’t.

You understand their problem in a way that they don’t.

So, your instinct is to say things that don’t make sense to them – or that they don’t care about (YET, anyway).

What you need to do is to step outside the “box” that you inhabit as an expert – so you can identify the words, phrases and concepts that are going through THEIR minds.

And that’s exactly what I can help you to do…

…in my brand-new Copywriting Intensive.

Here’s how it works.

The goal of the Copywriting Intensive is to help you to write four main things:

  1. Your elevator pitch/one-liner (how you’ll explain what you do and what you solve for your clients in one or two concise sentences)
  2. Your opt-in freebie (the awesome piece of educational content that you’ll give away for free to attract the right people to your community)
  3. Your sales page (the writeup of your main service offering/s)
  4. Your content plan (headlines and topics for your blogs/FB posts/FB lives)

Note: This list is flexible, and you can substitute other items that you may need help with instead. However, we’ll always start with the elevator pitch/one-liner (unless you’ve worked with me on that previously), because that’s the foundation for what you’ll write in every other piece of content.

(If you ONLY need help with your elevator pitch/one-liner, click here.)

And here’s HOW we’ll co-create your copy:

  • For each piece of content, I’ll provide you with a simple formula for writing it – plus guidelines for how and where to get the right words and ideas to fill it in.
  • You’ll write a thoughtful first draft.
  • Then we’ll meet on screen-share to go through your draft and edit it – transforming it into something compelling that speaks directly to your ideal clients and makes you look interesting and attractive to them.
  • We’ll have a total of four meetings. They can be spaced out by a week, a couple of days, or even one day – depending on how quickly you want to get finished and how much time you have to write in between meetings.

You’ll end the Intensive with copy you’re proud of, and that is primed to attract the exact people you want to work with – over and over again.

Plus, you will have learned formulas and strategies that you can re-use any time you want to create a new offer, a new opt-in, or even want to work with a new type of client.

All of that is obviously worth thousands and thousands of dollars – and eventually these Intensives will cost $3,500 or more.

But for the first 5 special people who take advantage, I’m offering them for an intro price of $1,999 – a total steal!

Want one of these spots at the intro rate? Here’s what to do:

Click here to schedule a brief consult call with me. We’ll discuss whether you’re a fit for the Intensive. If you are, we’ll determine the spacing of your four sessions and nail down the exact times of our meetings.

That’s it! Super simple. 🙂

Want just a “taste” of how this Intensive works before committing to the whole thing?

Click here to learn about my one-time session where we JUST work on your elevator pitch/one-liner. You’ll later have the option to apply that session and your payment towards the full Intensive.

I can’t wait to help you nail your copy so that you can start attracting dream clients and cash with EASE.

With love and appreciation,


P.S. Don’t forget – if you’re interested in one of those spots at the special intro rate of $1,999, schedule a free consult call to determine if you’re a fit and nail down the details!

P.P.S. Have questions about the Copywriting Intensive? Just email me at eleanore[at]eleanorestrong[dot]com and ask away!

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