Client Attraction Mentorship for Coaches and Consultants

There are entrepreneurs and then there are ENTREPRENEURS.

And if you belong to the latter category, you’ll know it – because what I’m about to say will hit uncomfortably close to home:

There’s a fire burning in your soul.

You LIVE for the feeling you get when you’re able to help people to transform themselves.

And you’ve already had some success doing that. You’ve had clients who’ve gotten results – who’ve become changed people as a result of having your help.

In many ways, you’ve done well up to this point.

Still, you crave more.

More clients. Enough to make this a real business and not just a hobby.

More of the right kinds of clients – people who are totally aligned with what you do and see the value in paying what it’s truly worth.

You know that you’re excellent at what you do – and what’s missing is your ability to market it, in a compelling and consistent way.

You know this is another skill you’ll need to develop – and that it’s different from being good at coaching or consulting. But you’re willing to learn it, because you know that it will serve you for the lifetime of your business.

You crave systems and structures.

You want to know what to say. Where and when to say it. How often – and to whom.

You’d love to have a plan for presenting yourself and your offerings in an easily understood way, so you don’t look (or feel) like a crazy person.

You want to know the benchmarks for success – and when you need to be hitting them.

You aren’t hopelessly lost. You have a vision – and you know that you should be able to make it happen.

And you know that you need to transform as a person in order to get there. You long to be endlessly confident that things are going to work out – and unaffected by people who can’t afford you, don’t like you, or don’t understand what you’re doing.

You know that this is a “long game” and that it’s going to take time to get to where you want to be.

But you’re willing to play that game because you can’t imagine being anything else but an entrepreneur.

And you’ve accepted that you need help to develop the necessary skills, map out a strategy, and become the person you need to become.

You’re looking for someone who will dig into the nitty-gritty details with you and come up with the right words, messages, content, and strategies to create and market your services.

You want one-on-one help – not a program, not a group, and not another freakin’ course or info product that’ll give you a ton of information but leave you totally lost as to how to implement.

You’re “in the zone” to work things out immediately and bring all of your intentions to fruition.

If any of that describes you – you’re in the right place.

About the Mentorship

The Client Attraction Mentorship is a 3-month intensive of 1-on-1 work with me (Eleanore Strong) to build a simple system for consistently attracting clients.

It’s a unique service where I provide an incredible amount of individual attention and support – to develop and shape your ideas into a workable plan.

It’s for coaches and consultants who have had some success already with getting clients, and know that their expertise is valuable and can get results for people. So if that’s you – and you know that you should be able to take things a lot further and create a steady stream of great clients for yourself – keep reading!

Goal of the Mentorship

The overall outcome we work towards is to get ideal client prospects consistently signing up with you for either (1) a low-priced offer or (2) a sales/discovery call for a high-priced offer.

To do this, we create a client attraction system that is based on a rock-solid understanding of one ideal client and one problem you solve for them.

And in the process of creating this system, you develop marketing and selling skills that will serve you for the lifetime of your business.

Steps We Work On Together

To create your client attraction system, we create the following components together, in this order:

  • The one main message of your business that clearly articulates who you help and what result you get for them (which will connect with the right people and get them to notice you and your work)
  • A plan for how you’ll package your expertise into one or two signature offers (at least one low-ticket, and one high-ticket) that will appeal to your ideal prospects
  • A compelling free educational resource that will increase your ideal prospects’ interest in you and get them signing up to be a part of your audience and hear from you on a regular basis
  • A marketing plan for where you’ll go to get in front of the right prospects and invite them to request your free resource and join your audience
  • A communication plan for what you’ll send to your audience of prospects to build a relationship with them and sell your offers to them
  • Sales letters for your low-ticket offer, and sales conversation strategies for your high-ticket offer

How We Work Together

The mentorship includes the following components:

  • Twelve (12) weekly 1-on-1 screen-share calls where we draft your materials and plans together
  • Assignments for you to work on in between calls (which usually involve developing and refining what we started together in the calls)
  • Unlimited email access to me in between calls for questions and reviews of your work

Additional Support

I also offer done-for-you tech setup services for all the essentials of building your audience and selling your offers (which can include creating a simple website, sales pages, email sign-up pages, and an email system).

Your Investment

The investment for the mentorship is 3 monthly payments of $1800 USD.

(Note that if you’ve previously participated in a VIP session with me, you can subtract the cost of that session from your first monthly payment for the mentorship.)

The first payment is due before the first call takes place. The second payment is due 30 days thereafter, and the third payment is due 60 days thereafter.

What to Do Next If You’re Interested

If you’re interested in the mentorship, the next step is to request a free exploratory chat to see if we’re a good fit to work together. You can request that free chat here. People often find the free chat really helpful in itself – and don’t worry, I won’t “hard sell” you. 🙂 It’s important to me that it feels like a good fit on both sides if we’re going to work together.

What to Do If You Want to Start With A Smaller Commitment

My one-time VIP session is the “summary” version of the mentorship. In that session we outline your main business message, your concepts for your free (and paid) offers and content, and your plan for getting in front of the right prospects. That session is a great way to solidify your overall client attraction plan and see what it’s like to work with me if you’re not sure yet about committing for the mentorship.

If you later decide that you want to sign up for the mentorship to get help implementing everything we outline on the one-time session, you can subtract the amount you paid for the session from the first mentorship payment.

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