How to Find Your Best Source of Prospective Clients

So many people are stuck on where to find clients.

“Are they hanging out in Facebook groups? Can I reach them with Facebook ads? How? What websites do they go to? How can I reach them on those websites?”

I’ve talked to so many coaches and consultants who are totally stumped on what “source” to tap into to find clients on a regular basis.

It can feel like a huge, unsolvable dilemma.

But here’s a secret: If you’re asking where to find clients, you’ve already missed the point.

The answer – as with all things marketing – is: “It depends.”

It depends… on who those clients are, and what issue you’re solving for them.

If you’ve defined those things well enough, then the question of “where to go to find clients” answers itself:

You simply go to places where people are already going to solve the issue that YOU solve.

For example:

  • You help coaches to figure out how to get clients? Then you become a master at sleuthing out places where coaches are already going to get answers and tips about that. (That’s what MY business does – and it’s actually been fun finding all the places where this audience hangs out!)
  • You help entry-level people in the legal profession to get promoted? Then you get really good at finding places where THAT issue is being discussed.
  • You help moms with toddlers to create eating plans that give them more energy for their family? Then your task is to find where moms in that position are already going to seek solutions for that.

So before you EVER ask, “Where are my clients hanging out?” – you MUST know, with complete clarity, what you are offering them and what result they’ll get from what you offer.

And that’s where most people are truly stuck – although they don’t usually realize it. They can’t articulate what it is they offer, and what result they get for their clients.

Or they think they can articulate it, but their description is really too broad to be able to easily find the audience.

(Hint: things like “I help women get empowered” or “I help people take their business to the next level” or “I help people lose weight” aren’t gonna cut it. Can you easily think of where people go to get answers about those things? Or what really defines those people as a group? If not, then you’re still too broad.)

If you’re struggling to narrow your message, you’re not alone. This is the #1 thing that coaches and consultants struggle with when it comes to getting their business to take off.

And it makes sense, too. Most of us can solve so MANY issues and get so MANY results for our clients. We tend to want to “summarize” everything we can do for people.

But what happens is that the “summary” message isn’t compelling – because it’s too general to appeal to anyone.

And it’s also too general to be able to form the basis of a marketing strategy – where you actually know where to go to get in front of the right people.

So this is what you need to get a grip on: How can you get REALLY specific about what you’re solving for your clients?

I’ve created TWO amazing ways to help you do just that:

One is called the Target Audience Breakthrough Session.

We meet one-on-one, for 90 minutes, and we get completely clear about who you’re actually trying to attract as clients – and what you’re solving for them.

You end the session with a clear “game plan” for how you’re actually going to create a REAL BUSINESS doing what you love for people who will actually value it.

Sounds great, right? Click here to learn more and sign up for a session.

The other service I’ve created to help you is called the Copywriting Intensive.

You get everything that the Target Audience Breakthrough Session includes — but then we also work together to write your offerings/sales page, your opt-in freebie, your blogging/live-streaming topics and more.

All of them are designed to perfectly “call in” the audience that you most want to work with.

Want to learn more? Click here for all the details and to sign up.

I can’t wait to help you out!

With love and appreciation,

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