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One Copywriting Tweak to Book a Lot More Clients

If I could name the one thing that makes the biggest difference to attracting the right clients, it would be copywriting.

Your message really is the most important thing to get right – BEFORE you worry about which tactics to use to get in front of people.

Now, copywriting is a complex subject. There are a lot of nuances to consider. And I spend my days learning about them and helping my clients to master them.

But there is one simple, yet massive shift you can make in your writing right now to start to book more clients (or even your first clients).

Here it is:

You need to pinpoint exactly what your clients think their problem isbefore they encounter you.

That means before they’ve had the benefit of your education, your training, or your coaching. What are they thinking at that point? What do they believe their issue is?

This is really important, and made a huge difference for a client I worked with last month.

Her social media posts weren’t doing a great job of attracting clients for her. So we reviewed a lot of them.

And after clarifying what problem she actually solves for people, it hit me:

She was talking about things that her ideal clients weren’t even aware of yet. In fact, they were things that she helps people to uncover once they start working with her.

So, her messaging needed to shift – mainly in contexts where she was speaking to people who didn’t know her or her work yet.

In her free trainings and her client sessions, of course she would talk about her diagnosis of people’s problems. But the initial message isn’t the place or time for that.

Make sense?

This is the very first thing you should look at if your posts and emails aren’t generating as many inquiries or responses as you would like.

And it’s hard to make this shift, because you know more than your ideal client does. So you may not be able to instantly put yourself in their shoes and think about how they’re viewing their problem.

That’s where I come in. In my Target Audience Breakthrough Session, I help you dig into your ideal client’s psychology so that you can craft a simple one-line message that speaks to what actually matters to them.

And in my Copywriting Intensive, I help you to master ALL of your messaging – one-liner, sales page, opt-in and more.

Check out those offers and let’s get your message fixed today. 🙂

Have a great week,


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