How to Attract An Audience That Already Wants What You Offer

So many coaches and consultants are lost in a sea of random, half-baked efforts to connect with the right audience for their work.

Running ads, posting in FB groups, creating different opt-in offers, trying to build an email list… and then finding that their audience doesn’t respond to them or seem to want what they have to offer.

Some aren’t even trying to attract an audience, because they’re afraid that none of those audience members will end up buying from them, and it all will have been a waste of time.

Sound familiar?

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could engineer your efforts in such a way that you were attracting an audience that already wanted what you offer?

You can.

There’s one big secret to doing just that.

Here it is:

Define a really clear, specific problem that you’re solving for your audience (and eventual clients, of course).

Then create paid offers, free offers, and free content that all address that one problem.

And then, when you invite people to join your audience, use a message that is also about that one problem.

If they respond to you and sign up, guess what?

They just told you that they have the problem you solve – and therefore need and want what you have to offer.

And voila! You’re on the fast-track to success with selling exactly the right thing to exactly the right audience.

That’s the magical power of a specific problem-based message.

But most people struggle to create such a message for their business. It’s hard, because they can solve MANY problems, and they don’t know how to choose a specific one.

There’s also a tendency for most of us to describe the problem we solve using “jargon” about our methods, tools, and processes – rather than the problem-based words that truly matter to our ideal clients.

And it’s really, REALLY hard for most of us to “get out of our own heads” about this.

So I’ve created an amazing way to HELP you define that specific problem-based message – which you can then easily turn into a compelling offer, and find exactly the right people to sell it to.

It’s called the Target Audience Breakthrough Session.

We meet one-on-one, for 90 minutes, and compose your message together.

You leave with a clear and compelling statement of what your business offers.

And once you have that, you can do anything.

Click here to learn more and sign up for a session.

I can’t wait to help you out!

With love and appreciation,

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