If you’re struggling to turn your skills and expertise into an actual business that brings you paying clients consistently, I’m your gal!

You have a powerful message that you feel called to share with the world, but you’re not sure who needs it most or how to get it “out there.”

You’ve been blessed with many skills and talents, and you’ve used them to help people with all sorts of things, but you’re not sure how they all fit together…or what you really want to be known for.

You struggle to communicate exactly what it is that you do. You get blank stares when you try to explain it to others. You’re not sure what to call it or how to package it in a way that’s concrete, and makes sense.

You know you’re trying to do too many things and target too many different kinds of people, but you don’t know how to narrow your focus. You feel like all the mental ping-pong is making you crazy, because you’re overflowing with ideas for your offers, your content, and your website.

In short: your gifts and expertise and all your work on marketing yourself is not adding up to a steady stream of clients.

If ANY of the above sounds like you, I’ve got great news: You are not alone, and I can help!

I’m Eleanore Strong, and it’s my passion to help coaches to create simple marketing systems that consistently bring them the types of clients that they most want.

I’ve spent the past three years in business helping passionate coaches to craft the messages that will get them noticed by their ideal client prospects.

I also help to further extend and develop those messages into compelling content (blogs, emails, social media posts, and more) that will increase their ideal prospects’ interest in them and their work.

And I work to create sensible marketing plans to present that content in a logical order – and get it in front of the right people – so that a relationship can be built with prospects over time.

I do this work because I believe that every single one of us was created for a purpose. And I’ve met so many people who are frustrated because they feel disconnected from their purpose. They feel that their talents are being underutilized, and they want to have a bigger impact, but they’re not sure what steps to take to get there.

For me, there’s just nothing like helping a gifted, passionate person chart the course to becoming more of the person they were created to be. I could spend my entire life doing this. (And I hope I’ll be so lucky!)

I work with one-on-one clients using a unique set of tools that I’ve created to bring the right message, angle, and content out of you.

You know your expertise, but you don’t know how to present it in a way that’s compelling to the right people (or even who the right people ARE).

That’s where I come in. I use a unique method that I’ve dubbed “sleuthing” (like a detective) to help you come up with the right words and concepts for your message and content. We start with you and your experiences, and then move to sifting through the massive amount of material available to us on social media, Amazon, forums, and everywhere else online that people are talking about your topics.

There’s no guesswork – I just help you pull together, synthesize, and simplify what you already know and what your market is already telling us in their own words.

It all makes beautiful sense.

Ready to get started?

Go ahead and check out my services page to learn more about how to work with me.

Also be sure to check out my free training, 5 Steps to a Steady Stream of Paying Clients (Without Referrals or Miracles). You’ll get a really good sense of the methods I use to help people.

Can’t wait to help you out!

Contact Me

I can be reached via email at eleanore[at]eleanorestrong[dot]com. 🙂

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