How to write in a way that compels your ideal client to reach out to you

It’s a common challenge:

On your website, you try to explain what you do in your business and how you can help people.

But you feel like you really aren’t good at conveying what you offer in one or two short sentences.

You might even get feedback that people who land on your website don’t understand what you’re talking about.

You’re starting to sense that the words you’re using aren’t connecting with the clients you want most.

Yet, you’re not sure what words or concepts you SHOULD lead with.

You want to know how to talk about what you do in a way that makes sense to people, yet isn’t long-winded.

And – even more than that – you want to know how to encourage them to take a next step.

To inquire about your services.

To request a call with you.

To sign up for your free opt-in offer.

How do you do that?

It’s simple – but definitely not easy.

Here’s what you do:

You write a message that describes your ideal client’s problem – in exactly the way that they’re thinking about it.

This means that you don’t say all the kinds of things that coaches usually love to say:

  • “I will help you take your business to the next level.”
  • “I help women create more power and strength in every area of life.”
  • “I’m a leadership consultant and trainer.”

…No! These are all wayyyyy too vague and “pie in the sky” to match the raw, emotional, detailed thoughts that go through most people’s heads when they’re struggling with a problem.

You need to get to the ideal client’s exact words – untarnished by your “expert” diagnosis, lingo, or methodology.

And this is more difficult than you might think.

Getting to a simple, concise message often involves a bit of complexity… at first.

I’ve found that it usually begins with generating a LOT of potential messages, words, and phrases – and then systematically narrowing down to the one that’s going to be most effective for you.

If you’re at the stage of needing to generate potential messages and narrow them down, there are some really helpful action steps on pages 4-9 of my free guide that should get you started.

But know that it will likely demand a combination of tactics: research, online observation, talking with people, and looking back on your own experience of your topics. An overarching question to guide your thinking is, “What problems does my expertise solve?”

Once you have your simple message/statement of the problem you solve, you’ll want to go deep into the layers of the problem and start to understand all the different ways it “shows up” for your ideal clients – plus the “ripple effects.” What are the consequences of the problem that cause even MORE problems for them? What are their emotions surrounding it? Why do THEY think it’s a problem and what do they think is causing it?

This depth of understanding will allow you to create additional written content that builds upon your simple 1-2 sentence message (such as your About page, blog posts, emails, etc.) and will really make your ideal clients feel understood – because you described their problem even better than they could themselves.

From that point, it’s all but inevitable that your ideal clients will start to respond and take the next action steps that you want them to take.

It might happen slowly at first, but it WILL happen – because you’re speaking to them so perfectly.


Does this “messaging” stuff sound like a lot of work?

It is.

Some people naively believe that they can create their simple 1-2 sentence message in an hour or two. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The words and concepts that are going to be the foundation of your entire marketing system need a lot more care and attention than that.

And no matter what kind of work you do, it’s REALLY tough to “get out of your own head” about it. There are certain things that you’ll just never be able to see because you’re too close to your own work.

For this reason, I believe that almost everybody needs to get help with their messaging. You’ll come up with something much more powerful that way. (This is true even if messaging is what YOU help people with! I’ve hired consultants to work with me on mine, and I know that they – in turn – have hired people to work on theirs.)

The person you choose to help you should create an organized plan for you to generate and sift through all of the potential messages and concepts. And they should guide your thinking every step of the way.

Want that person to be me? 🙂

Click here to apply for my free strategy session.

Looking forward!


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