The One Thing You Need to Know to Create Coaching Packages That Clients Love

Are you struggling to sell people on coaching with you, because you don’t know how to describe it in an appealing way?

You’re not alone.

So many coaches are amazingly good at what they do – but they struggle to get clients consistently, because people don’t “get” how they can help!

And you can help people with so many things. How the heck are you supposed to package all of your knowledge and tools and processes into an offering that actually makes sense to the people you most want to attract?

There’s a secret to this, and I’m going to share it with you right now:

Creating great packages isn’t about finding a way to cram all of the things YOU know into one offering. That’s looking at it backwards.

Rather, a great package is one that takes a client from a problem to a result. (Ideally, from their most urgent, burning problem to the result that they most earnestly desire.)

It’s about them and what they want – not about you and what you know, or can do.

This means that when you create your package, you’ll only include processes, tools, or activities that will directly enable the result that your client wants. You’ll leave out anything that doesn’t relate, or isn’t absolutely essential to solving their problem.

And suddenly, you’ll know everything you need to know to create your program – how long it should be, what to include, what to call it, and even what to charge – because it all goes back to the result your client wants, what they need to do to enable that result, and what that result is worth to them.

Get it?

This is the one thing you need to know to create a great package that your clients will love: what problem will it solve or what result will it deliver?

Now, when I share this with people, they sometimes say, “But I’m still stuck. I know what result I’ll deliver: it’s helping people be happier. [Or helping people take their business to the next level. Or helping women get empowered.] And I still have SO many tools for that and don’t know what to include in my package.”

The reason they’re still stuck is that those results aren’t specific or tangible enough to build an offering on. You’ll need to hone in on a very specific meaning of “happier,” “next level in business,” or “empowered” – and then build your offering on THAT.

This specificity is what will make your package appeal to the right person: The way you describe it will match the specific thoughts that are going through their mind.

To narrow down, you can start by making a list of all the possible specific meanings of your general result – and then choose the one that you’re most excited about delivering right now.

There are lots of other “message tools” that you can use to specify and sharpen your statement of the result your package will deliver or the problem it will solve. I teach some of them in my Niche Challenge, and I personally help people to refine their problem/result statement in my Target Audience Breakthrough Session. Check out one or both of those offerings if you need help – nailing this problem/result is the most important part of creating an appealing package!

BONUS TIP: Within your package, you’ll want to present your processes, tools, and activities in a step-by-step fashion, with each step clearly leading partway to the overall result you’re promising. This means that each step or segment of your offering should also be named and presented in a way that’s specific and tangible and appeals directly to a smaller result that your client wants.

Make sense?

I hope this post gave you some ideas for how to start creating an awesome package. If you want help to do it, click here to see how I’m currently working with clients.

And be sure to join our Facebook community, Consistent Client Attraction for Coaches, where we regularly discuss how to create offerings that appeal to your ideal client.

Talk soon!


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