5 Reasons Why You Must Choose a Niche for Your Coaching Business – No Matter How Much the Thought Terrifies You

This week on the blog, I’m tackling a topic that strikes fear into the hearts of many coaches and consultants: choosing a niche. 🙂

Have you ever had these thoughts?

I’ve been told I need to “niche in” and “choose a focus” for my business. But, that freaks me out. I’m a really multifaceted person, and I can do so many different things. I’m scared to say “I only do this” or “I only do that.” I don’t want to limit myself.

This is a huge fear for so many people.

And it’s also probably the number-one thing that keeps coaches and consultants stuck, and prevents them from making the income and impact that they truly should be making.

In this post, I want to offer 5 reasons why you must do this thing that you think you cannot do – why you CAN, WILL, indeed MUST choose a niche/focus for your business:

1) A niche is not what you think.

It’s NOT demographics. It’s not gender, income level, industry, or profession.

It’s also NOT your area of expertise, your method, or your process.

It IS the specific and observable problem that’s going through your ideal client’s mind – the problem that you know how to solve.

Once you start speaking powerfully to that specific problem, people will respond just as powerfully – because they’ll have a deep certainty that your message is actually meant for them.

And once you start getting that kind of response, you may well discover that you don’t feel as limited as you expected you would.

2) A niche is about your message – not about what you actually DO in your business.

This is a really important and often-missed distinction.

One of my own clients resisted picking a niche because – in her words – “I don’t want to be bored and solving the same problem all the time. I want my clients to have a variety of different problems for us to work on in our sessions together.”

Well, guess what? Picking a niche doesn’t affect that one iota.

Your message will talk about solving ONE problem, but once someone actually enrolls to work with you, they will almost certainly have OTHER problems too.

After all, you’re not the only multifaceted person on the planet – your clients will be too. 🙂

3) A niche makes you sound smart and credible.

You know those zillions of people who say things like, “I help you find clarity in your business and your life”?

Or, “I help women become more empowered and strong in every area of life”?

Yeah. Those people don’t look smart or credible.

They’re saying the same things that everyone else is saying – AND their promises are way too huge to be believable.

Don’t be like them. Be different, and you’ll get different results.

4) A niche often attracts people who fall outside of it, too!

This one is counter-intuitive, but true. A specific message often attracts not only the EXACT person it’s aimed at – but also those who are SIMILAR to that person.

Because you sound smart, credible, and different from everyone else, you stand out.

And smart people can solve more than one problem. Everybody understands this.

Once you put your powerful, specific message out there, don’t be surprised if you start getting inquiries about different, yet related topics.

5) A niche shows that you actually CARE about your future clients.

No one actually cares about YOU. Not right away, anyway. They care about themselves and the problem they’re looking to get solved.

So, in a way, going on and on about all the different problems you can solve, and all of your different areas of expertise, is actually selfish. It’s not what someone cares about right off the bat.

Getting down to a specific message, and articulating it in exactly the same way that your prospects do, shows implicitly that you have done a lot of work to understand them. That you feel for them and know what they’re going through.

When it comes to getting someone’s attention, that is far more powerful than a grandiose pie-in-the-sky statement or a laundry list of all the stuff you can do for people.


Are you convinced yet?

Ready to experience the unbelievable power of choosing a focus?

I’ve got lots of stuff to help you out. 🙂

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Can’t wait to help you out!

Looking forward!


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