If You Want to Get Clients, Stop Doing These Things Now!

Most people are “all over the place” when it comes to trying to get clients.

They’re doing a little of this, a little of that, a little of the other thing…

And NONE of it adds up to meaningful results.

Maybe a client here or there, but certainly not the consistent flow of business that they’re hoping for.

If that sounds like you, it’s time for a reality check!

Here are some things to STOP DOING right now if you want clients:

  • Going nuts trying to figure out how to make a website or fiddling with the one you have.
  • Trying to get a logo designed or having other fancy graphics made or having a fancy photoshoot.
  • Calling, emailing, or messaging everyone you know on social media asking who would be interested in your service or knows someone who would be.
  • Posting over and over on social media about your services and your website.
  • Writing tons of blog posts or other content on your site that almost no one reads anyway; sending tons of emails to your (small) list.
  • Learning about tons of different ways to market yourself – FB ads, guest blogging, Twitter, JV webinars, speaking and presenting, and all the rest of it.

What’s the problem with doing these things?

This is the problem: You’re not working within a SYSTEM that’s designed to attract exactly the right people to you, over and over.

And some of those activities (e.g., the website and logo stuff) really have no bearing on your ability to attract people at all.

So, how do you get focused on the handful of important activities that really matter for attracting clients?

Here’s how you do it.

DO these things, in this order, if you want to attract clients:

  • Get ultra-clear on ONE specific problem you’re solving (or result you’re delivering) for your clients. It should be specific, tangible, a really burning/bothersome problem, and described in the same words that your clients use.
  • Determine your signature or standard process for solving that problem or delivering that result. Describe that process in an appealing way that (once again) matches the ideal client’s thinking and that they can be excited about.
  • Create 4 or 5 really awesome pieces of content that teach that signature process – or parts of it – in different ways. (You don’t need a website to do this, by the way.)
  • Create 1 or 2 paid offers that teach the signature process in more depth or personally help someone through it.
  • Create an email sequence that presents your different pieces of content in a logical order and, at the end, mentions one or more of your paid offers.
  • Identify ONE or TWO places where people are already going to find out how to solve your chosen problem. Post, interact, or present there (and only there) on a regular basis, inviting people to sign up for the first step of your email sequence.

And that’s how you do it. That’s how you create a client attraction SYSTEM where every action you take actually brings you closer to getting more clients.

And because you’re focused on solving one specific problem for people – and everything you say and do is about that problem – you’re continually attracting people who are a perfect fit for what you do.

It’s like magic when you’ve defined that problem well.

But here’s what I’ve found: Most people really struggle HARD to define and describe that ONE PROBLEM that they solve in their business.

They find it nearly impossible to choose a focus and a definitive direction, because there are so many things they COULD do.

And that’s why I have a business: because people need help choosing a focus, and I’m excellent at helping them to do that.

If you sense that it’s time to get help choosing a focus for YOUR business, consider signing up for my 90-minute Target Audience Breakthrough Session.

By the end of those 90 minutes, you’ll be totally clear on what problem you’re solving for your clients, who those clients are, and where you’re going to find them on a regular basis.

Doesn’t that sound great?!

I can’t wait to give you this amazing gift. Learn more and sign up for a session here.

With love and appreciation,

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